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Project Nim. April 30, 2012

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I want to focus on the similarities and differences because there are so many in the book  they all aren’t necessary good but their not all bad but most are. One of the big differences is that  Nim  was biting so many people and was really vicious with everyone that worked with him , he bit one of the lady’s cheek off which was really scary. I think that in the book they didn’t want to make Zan an  evil chimp at all they wanted to show that chimps are similar to people, but the truth is that they aren’t they are really different. I think another thing that was really bad that happened to  Nim  was that he got sent to Lempis which is the lab testing and he had to get tested which could have made him really sick  if  he hadn’t been saved.
In the book Zan only had a couple of incidents with anything but in the movie Nim bite a lot of people he killed a poodle he broke a window and a bunch of books , he  wanted to get attention for himself , which didn’t really work because  of his  behavior he was liked as much before but people feared him. I think something similar in the movie was that  Nim and Zan both went to a house with parents but Nim had 9 children living with him and  Zan only had ben. In the book Zan and ben got along better than   Zan did with his parents, but in the movie Nim didn’t like Stephanie’s kids or husband he just liked her and if somebody else would spend time with her then he would get  jealous. I don’t think it was right for Nim not to get to  along with anybody else. I think overall that Nim got along with Laura and  Joyce and Bob . I think that Nim liked Bob a’lot.

I think the reason that Nim like Bob was because  they smoked weed together and Bob  always signed with him and Nim always signed hug or play  . When Nim left Bob tried to find him but they wouldn’t let him , after a while he found Nim and they reconnected like that they were never  apart. I don’t  know why Nim reacted so bad when Stephanie , she had just  found out  where he was and she came there to see him again and he nearly killed her , but he never touched Bob. Bob still says that  he had the best time of his life with Nim and that shows how much he loved him.

Links: Nim     , people  against chimp testing


Animal Cruelty February 24, 2012

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I think that animal cruelty is very wrong  chimps are very close too human and if  they  won’t do it on humans then they shouldnt do it on chimps. I am 100% against animal testing  on chimps because of how much their like us . Thing’s need to be tested and I get that but I would rather them do it on animals that have million and millions of them. For example flies because flies don’t do anything good for us and   they pests. I think what they did to all those  chimps was really wrong and it shouldnt have happened . When they were planning this experiment they should have picked a different animal  and an animal that none cares about , lots of people care about chimps. I don’t know how any one could  hurt those animals when they are so cute and human like . There are no other animal on  the world that have thumbs’ that I can think of.

Today there are only two countries that allow animal testing and that’s the United States and Gabon. Which  they should be ashamed at what they are doing. chimps reasearch  started  with psychologist Robert M. Yerkes in the 1920s. Robert M. Yerkes  was interested in learning more about  chimps   behavior because of  relationship to humans. But in the 1940s, the research at Yerkes Primate Research Center changed from relationship with humans too medical testing,  on chimpanzees.Experiments on chimps were banned in Britain in 1998  because the people of britain didn’t want chimps being tested. Most of the people are mad about what had happened to the chimps, other are happy  that they did it on animals instead of doing it on humans  because a lot of humans would have died. I think no matter what you do it on something is always going to die.

I think that what they did and the horrific pictures of the chimps that got tested is so sad , there is probably lots of chimps that didn’t get tested and lived a normal life but there are also lots of chimps that didn’t  live. I’m not exactly sure if chimps still get tested this year but if they do somebody  need s to  stop the companies and building that are doing this to the animals and think about  it . I probably buy lots of things that were tested on chimps and sure I feel bad about it but I’m still going to use choose products but i think that they could have been tested on something else. This is what I think about animal cruelty on chimps and any other animal. Most people are against animal testing but few are for it.

There are lots of people  in the world that care  for testing on animals for example: Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals,
and the answer is: “Because the animals are like us.” Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is:”Because the animals are not like us.”

~ Professor Charles R.

Theese are some links of websites that talk about animal testing:  chimps testing #1, chimp testing#2  


Half way to the best day of my life! February 7, 2012

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The first  half of  the school year was okay , because I  don’t really  like school  .  Having a new teacher    is pretty cool .Exams were pretty hard because I had no idea what I was doing on any of them other than math , because I am actually good at math for some odd reason. I’m not good at any other subject so I didn’t think I would do good at  any of the exams , and I didn’t, I did good in math tho. I don’t  know what I put in my letter but academically I think I did  pretty good one of my marks is in the 90s two almost in the 80s and one almost  in 70s , I think that is pretty good considering im not very smart.

The first half of the year always is the slowest part to go by, since we are done it im so happy, school is okay sometimes but I  would rather be out doing something. This year having three teacher  is something I like. I can’t wait till next year when I can have more teachers, having more teacher is  cool because  you’re not with the same teacher all day because being with the same teacher  is like your reliving each day over and over. I think that the second half of the year will be better because  it is closer to summer break. Summer break is awesome till it ends and then you have to go back to school. My six word story was: it has been sort of hard. The reason why I said that was because I thing that is hard and it is always going to be hard, school is for you too learn and you’re not going to learn unless you are taught stuff that you don’t know , which may be hard stuff. This is what I think of my first half of the year.


Sign language. December 13, 2011

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While working with everybody i learned a little bit about sign language not  a lot because we weren’t organized , being not organized messed us up a lot. While working i learned that the first chimp that was taught sign language was in was hoe was a chimp that was taught  sign language for 47 years.One of the earliest written records of a signed language occurred in the fifth century BC. Learning about sign language4 wasn’t that interesting it was sort of but not really i guess if  i understood it more and knew how to do it , it would be a more interesting topic to research. I  think it would be pretty cool if you knew how to  use sign language as another language that you could use instead of just English.

Their are lots of other languages in the world a second main one is french we are taught french because their are french people in are colony. Using sign language is sort of like talking you cans still express your feeling but you cant do it fro someone to hear you . Sign language is usually used for someone who is deaf because they cant hear what you are trying to say to them . Being deaf  and having sign language is like having your hearing because  you know what people are saying to you , you can understand what their saying but you can  hear them.

sign language.


Working on google docs. November 30, 2011

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 for our task we are working together on google docs and we are put into groups and given a topic for each of  us from their  we have to make a presentation but before  the presentation we had to research about our topic so that we knew what to put on the slides.  Work ing  with students 2700 kilometers away is harder than working  with students in your class much harder because in your class you can see how somebody body language is and when your on the computer you can’t . When your working with four people its harder  to agree on things and lots of people wont compromise and get mad because they don’t get their way.I don’t really like working over the computer I would rather work with people in your class because they know how you act and  the people on the computer don’t know your being sarcastic. I think it  fun to work on the computer but by yourself and in general I don’t like working in groups because I think I can  get more done by myself . I think its cool in-all to get to work with people out of your class room  but just not on google docs I think it would be cool to work over Skype or something where they could see you so there wouldn’t be so many people thinking your saying rude stuff when your actually just being sarcastic.Everybody has their opinion on what they think about this and mine is probably different from most people but you should be able to tell your opinion  to everybody. What  do you think about working online together? likes or dislikes?

Google is where we do all of our stuff most of the time.


Things in common! September 22, 2011

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Hi my name is Cassie and we are doing this post about things we have in common with our class mates and with our class were working with in ontario.The people  that I have the most in common with would be twenty people and that would be having the same favorite site which would be face book.I don’t have anything really in common with a bunch of people but I do have the same favorite TV show as  Shelby, Kori, Alyssa, melimast and Cassidy which would be pretty little liars.Something I have in common with a few people would have to be my favourite food  the people I have this  in common with is, Chantal , Riley,  Mr. fisher. I’m the only person that wants to be a comedian . The person I am  most alike  with  from the other  school would be Cassidy  because we both watch pretty little liars we both like Facebook and we have the same name. I learned a lot  about wingham from last year and this year so I don’t see that I need to know more.


Passions September 19, 2011

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I don’t have a passion because I am interested  inn thing but not passionate about thing. Some of the things that i am interested  in is volley ball and basket ball I love camera and taking photos.It sort of ruins in the family to play these sports. I just like when bumping the ball back  and fourth and just it being intense. I sort of like  taking photos and just having the camera in my hand and just being able to catch all of lives  moment on film and  being  able to look back at how ever long you want and seeing   what was going on than or what you looked like and what you look like know i think its pretty cool  but that my opion not everybody.