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Things in common! September 22, 2011

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Hi my name is Cassie and we are doing this post about things we have in common with our class mates and with our class were working with in ontario.The people  that I have the most in common with would be twenty people and that would be having the same favorite site which would be face book.I don’t have anything really in common with a bunch of people but I do have the same favorite TV show as  Shelby, Kori, Alyssa, melimast and Cassidy which would be pretty little liars.Something I have in common with a few people would have to be my favourite food  the people I have this  in common with is, Chantal , Riley,  Mr. fisher. I’m the only person that wants to be a comedian . The person I am  most alike  with  from the other  school would be Cassidy  because we both watch pretty little liars we both like Facebook and we have the same name. I learned a lot  about wingham from last year and this year so I don’t see that I need to know more.


16 Responses to “Things in common!”

  1. alyshuff Says:

    Hey Cassie! I liked reading your blog! Pretty Little Lairs is great isn’t it? 🙂 I’m really excited for another great year with the Idea Hive, and getting to work with everyone again! I’m looking forward to reading your blog post’s this year!

  2. cassadam Says:

    Hey Cassidy, your blog post is really good. Don`t you find it kind of weird that we both have the same name and a few things in common?! Why do you want to be a comedian when you grow up? Other than your are probably funny since you want to be a comedian?

  3. camehosk Says:

    Hi, Cassidy
    I really like your like your beginning. I discovered how you and Cassidy.A have the same name well me and Cameron have the same name to. That is interesting how you want to be a comedian.

  4. bradpewt Says:

    Hi Cassie,
    That is really cool how you want to be a comedian. I can honestly say that I have ever watched Pretty Little Liars, except for when my mom watches it. This year should be as fun or more fun then last year. Did you do anything fun over the summer?

  5. bianknop Says:

    Hi Cassidy,
    Cool post! I never seen Pretty Little Liars. Is it a good show? Should I watch it? There is always something to learn about Wingham! Our main road is being re-paved. It is almost done, so theirs a party/celebration for it this weekend! See you around the hive!

  6. shelgree Says:

    Hey Cassidy!! My name is Shelby.
    Facebook is one of my favourite sites! I am a very social person and I love to be able to e-mail people and chat to people when ever I can! I really like how you set up your paragraph! I like how you said the topic and then answered it in the same sentence. Then you gave a little detail about it after. I am one of those Pretty Little Liars fanatics!! I’m really excited for the halo-ween special. I can’t wait to get to know you better than last year!
    Shelby 🙂

  7. edispeel Says:

    Hi, Awesome post. I like how you said what you had in common with each person, not just that I have some something in common with them. What is Pretty Little Lairs about and why is it that you you like it?

  8. cameron mercereau Says:

    i also like facebook. what is pretty little liars about?

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