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Sign language. December 13, 2011

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While working with everybody i learned a little bit about sign language not  a lot because we weren’t organized , being not organized messed us up a lot. While working i learned that the first chimp that was taught sign language was in was hoe was a chimp that was taught  sign language for 47 years.One of the earliest written records of a signed language occurred in the fifth century BC. Learning about sign language4 wasn’t that interesting it was sort of but not really i guess if  i understood it more and knew how to do it , it would be a more interesting topic to research. I  think it would be pretty cool if you knew how to  use sign language as another language that you could use instead of just English.

Their are lots of other languages in the world a second main one is french we are taught french because their are french people in are colony. Using sign language is sort of like talking you cans still express your feeling but you cant do it fro someone to hear you . Sign language is usually used for someone who is deaf because they cant hear what you are trying to say to them . Being deaf  and having sign language is like having your hearing because  you know what people are saying to you , you can understand what their saying but you can  hear them.

sign language.


2 Responses to “Sign language.”

  1. This is a very good topic and sign laguage is cool thats how lots of people do in the world
    cool blog!

  2. cameron Says:

    you have a really good post. your post really interests me. i wish to read more of your post. PS. keep writing.

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