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Project Nim. April 30, 2012

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I want to focus on the similarities and differences because there are so many in the book  they all aren’t necessary good but their not all bad but most are. One of the big differences is that  Nim  was biting so many people and was really vicious with everyone that worked with him , he bit one of the lady’s cheek off which was really scary. I think that in the book they didn’t want to make Zan an  evil chimp at all they wanted to show that chimps are similar to people, but the truth is that they aren’t they are really different. I think another thing that was really bad that happened to  Nim  was that he got sent to Lempis which is the lab testing and he had to get tested which could have made him really sick  if  he hadn’t been saved.
In the book Zan only had a couple of incidents with anything but in the movie Nim bite a lot of people he killed a poodle he broke a window and a bunch of books , he  wanted to get attention for himself , which didn’t really work because  of his  behavior he was liked as much before but people feared him. I think something similar in the movie was that  Nim and Zan both went to a house with parents but Nim had 9 children living with him and  Zan only had ben. In the book Zan and ben got along better than   Zan did with his parents, but in the movie Nim didn’t like Stephanie’s kids or husband he just liked her and if somebody else would spend time with her then he would get  jealous. I don’t think it was right for Nim not to get to  along with anybody else. I think overall that Nim got along with Laura and  Joyce and Bob . I think that Nim liked Bob a’lot.

I think the reason that Nim like Bob was because  they smoked weed together and Bob  always signed with him and Nim always signed hug or play  . When Nim left Bob tried to find him but they wouldn’t let him , after a while he found Nim and they reconnected like that they were never  apart. I don’t  know why Nim reacted so bad when Stephanie , she had just  found out  where he was and she came there to see him again and he nearly killed her , but he never touched Bob. Bob still says that  he had the best time of his life with Nim and that shows how much he loved him.

Links: Nim     , people  against chimp testing


One Response to “Project Nim.”

  1. alyshuff Says:

    Hey Cassie!
    I agree that the book made Zan seem a lot more like a human and a lot more friendly. I think they did that to make the book easier to read and a happier story. I think that Nim was closest to Bob, too. They had a really good relationship, and Bob never gave up on Nim. I like your pictures! I like how you added in the picture for the hug sign. Good job! 🙂

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