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About me! September 13, 2011

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My name is Cassie I  live in Manitoba my favourite activity here to do is skidoing  and quading . My favourite book is hush,hush it a pretty intense book. I play volley ball I like to play basket ball and soccer.My favourite colours would have to be blue and purple and yellow. My favourite artist’s would have to be Nicki manaj ,mac miller  and eminem my favourite  songs would have to be where dem girls at and super man and  donald trump . My favourite tv shows would have to be pretty little liars , teen mom, keeping up with the kardashians, big brother and south of nowhere my life wouldn’t be complete if these shows werent invented . I love walking around and not being stuck inside I love hanging out at the beach in the summer getting a tan. I love visiting Newfoundland in the summer its pretty fun their just being with the family.My favourite part would have to be driving the quad because it’s really funny when you get stuck.


The Final Chapters of the wave! April 26, 2011

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RETELLING: The last four chapters went by really fast and it was  the most important  chapters of the book. Laurie so far is the only girl who isn’t in the wave and is proud of it. Nobody will belive her when she says that the wave is bad and they should stop it. All of Laurie’s old friends were mad at her because she put a bunch of stuff in the newspaper about the wave but bad stuff. So her friends wait for her after school and David goes and talks to her and he gets mad so he pushes her down. When he pushes her down he realizes how much the wave is affecting them . He apologizes to her . The next day they go to Mr.Ross  class room and says that he needs to stop it . Laurie and David are pretty much the only two kids in the school that aren’t in the wave. The wave has went so far as in you have to give the salute to get into a ball game. Laurie refuses to  do the salute.  Mr.Ross left school early that day because he couldn’t handle what was going on and he had to find a reason to stop it. Mrs.Ross comes home and she had been looking for her husband all day and she couldn’t find him. When she gets home she see  him  reading book and asked him why he was home and he didn’t reply he didn’t even look up from his book. Mrs.Ross says to him I need to talk to  you and he snaps and says he needs to finish tomorrow class . Then she says that what I need to talk to you about . You can’t keep going on with this  you have to end it Mrs.Ross says to Mr.Ross. At the end the wave finally gets ended and  everybody is glad except Robert because he actually liked the wave because he had friends when he was in the wave and know he doesn’t.

RESPONSE:The thing that confuses me was why did David push Laurie down when not even a week ago he was dating her. I think it was good that they broke up because what if he had hit her while they were dating. I loved when the wave ended because everybody was relived and happy except Robert but I think he can get over it. If I were a character in these chapter’s I would want to be Amy because she stood up to Laurie for the first time and told her what she tought of her. I didn’t think that Laurie friends should have done that too her since they were friend and if something like that were to come up and they just bail on her about nothing then they really weren’t friends. I think that since David got so mad and him and Laurie broke up because of nothing then they really shouldnt have been together ever. The part in the story that surprised me was how he would push her down even if they had broken up even if you had broken up then  you should still love her because there is a chance that they could get back together and after the wave ended I think they did get back together.


The Wave Out of Control. April 18, 2011

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RETELLING:  Mr.ross just think that the wave is just an experiment  but it’s not everybody is taking this way to far and  the  whole school is  in on this and they are having a pep rally and handing out stuff . All the students are practicing the motto and the salute. Since doing that they are finishing  their work and projects faster than usual. All the kids are now all prepared for class when most of them just used to  walk into class tired now they are all excited. They spend half of every class  on the wave because they are so well prepared they finish their lesson in only half of the time they used too. Mr.ross got called down to  Principal Owens office Mr.Ross was so nervous to be going down their  he was thinking it was something  about the wave. Mr.Owens said he has had complaints  from people to stop the  exsperiment.Mr.Ross honeslty never thought the wave would spread this far and effect so many people. Ben began thinking that kids were skipping classes and sitting in his. David and his friends that were in mr.ross class have  told the football team about it and they got into it too. Laurie is starting to wonder about the wave since she got that letter from an animus person that a senior was bullying him to go in the wave. She just can’t get it out of her head .Then when she sees two people fighting. She know who one is but not the other and they are fighting because of the wave so she is thinking that is the person that send her the letter. She was talking to David about not going to the rally because she didn’t want to and he got mad so they broke up. I think Laurie knows what she’s doing because the wave  could go to far. Laurie broke up with her boyfriend David and she is pretty upset about  it . Her parents were right after all the wave was not a good idea!

RESPONSE:  I think the rally for the wave is not a good idea because most students are feeling pressured to go there and to join because if they don’t join they will lose their friends. I think that lots of kids are getting bullied or made to join this and they are handing out  flyers and telling everybody to join.I think it was a good idea for Laurie to drop out of the wave and dump David because everybody is getting hooked on this and  they don’t know how its going to end up.I think my favourite part would have to be when Laurie broke up with David because all he cared about was the wave and why would  you want to date somebody that  only cares about that and them selves.The part that surprised me was  when the kid wrote  to the paper and was talking about the wave that was my favourite part because  the person expressed how they felt about the wave and it wasnt a good thing and that would be the first person to say anything. If I were one of the characters in these chapters I think it would be fun because there is so much drama and drama is so  fun sometimes. If I were a character I would want to be Laurie because I think she is an awesome character. Laurie is one of those really pretty girls but  is also really nice. I think she is one of the best characters in this story because of how she acts which is a good thing.


Mr.Ross , Starting The Wave April 12, 2011

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Retelling:In the last four chapters  have been quite interesting. In Mr.Ross history class everybody is really into history. Every time   he asks them a question  they have to sit straight up and yell the answer. Mr.Ross has taught them discipline.    Mr.Ross history  class  have been using it other places  for example  David Collins and using it in the locker room so that his team so they could play  good and get along. Every day when the students come into Mr.Ross class they are excited and what makes them excited is these three word :STREGNTH  THROUGH DISCIPLINEst keeps going on and on about the discipline. It has been getting weird in their class lately instead of the students just dragging into class they were in neat rows and sitting there and not talking. Mr.Ross wanted a symbol for their group and he went up on the board and drew a wave and that was their new symbol. Laurie was telling her parents about the last two days of history . Mrs.saunders didnt think it was such a  good idea. Mr.saunders didnt know why his wife was saying that  but he just let her think whatever. Laurie on the other had  loves how Mr.Ross started the wave and how the whole class is into it and lots of people in the book . A  quote that Mr.Ross said that the class liked was” its the feeling that your part of something more important than yourself. The reason why Mr.Ross choose the wave as the symbol because it changes it moves  and it has impact. The thing  they do all the time is the salute if Mr.Ross salutes them they salute back!

RESPONSE: I think the wave is a good idea but at the same time I don’t think Mr.Ross knows what he is doing what could happen when he does this too these kids it could come as something good but also as something bad.  The quote that I talked about in my retelling I really liked because  Mr. Ross said ” it make you feel as a part of something more important then yourself”  and I think it means you are important no matter who you are and I think that a really good thing to know especially if  you are always down on yourself. The only thing that I wonder about is why they picked the wave for their symbol and why they salute instead of  hand shake or something I  just weird that you don’t know why they picked these things and why they happened. I think my favourite part was  when they all were excited about history class when in a regular school not many people  are excited about history or even like it . If I were a character in this story I would like it for the middle part but I don’t think I would like it for the begging and the ending. My feeling really havent changed about the characters at all because  they really havent done anything the only one they changed about was David because he is trying to get his team to work together and not fight which  is a good thing!


The history project that went to far! April 7, 2011

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RETELLING:Laurie Sanders is one of the main people in the book she is one of the students in english class and is talking to Mr. Ross about the nazi and  how could they follow hitler in what he was doing to the  Jewish people. Laurie’s best friend was  Amy Smith. Just this year Laurie decided to take history  because she thought it would be interesting  because last year she took french and it was really boring because of her teacher. Laurie was dating a guy named David Collins. Laurie has n  took a lot of interest into what hitler had done to the Jewish people and how the germans let this happen in the first place. Robert is another one of  the important characters  and  he is having a hard time because his older brother was a straight A excellent student in highschool and he just thinks he has to be like him and live up to what he does but nobody pressures him to do it he just thinks he has to do it. Robert  always sits alone and none will even talk to him its weird because him and his brother are total opposite because his brother  was very popular  in his school and did everything good but Robert isn’t like that.Laurie is still bothered by what happened in WWII and she really seems to care about it but its over now  and  she can’t let it go . Mr. Ross isn’t getting why so many people are asking him questions about  WWII and the nazi and hitler!Bens wife is a wrestler and has beat the person she has never beaten before. Mr.Ross is so confused because he can seem to answer the question his students has asked him.

RESPONCE:  I  think that mr.ross was confused about not being able to answer that question and usually if someone asks you a question you can answer it . My feeling about the characters are pretty good I like pretty much all of them right now but once I get into the book I might not like them as much as I did at the start of the book. I think that Laurie’s boyfriend is going to be the character that I don’t like at the end of the book because  he doesn’t seem like he is a good character at all.My favourite part I think was when they were all so concerned about what had happened in the holocaust and WWII . I think that everyone will become more interested in finding out what else went on with hitler and want to learn more about it.   The part that surprised me was how many kids asked questions about it but also that Laurie did because she doesn’t seem like the girl who would care about something like that. If I was one of the characters in the book I would be scared that this might happen again because this book wasnt made far from it. The only thing that I wonder about is how old their teacher is and if his parent were in the holocaust.


Drugs In North Korea January 20, 2011

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People in  North Korea  have found out  that drugs are  all over  North Korea. From the last report told that drugs are  popular gifts among teens and even  kids in middle school.They are all over the drugs that some of them are abusing each other for it. They tried to track  down the source of the drugs but they couldn’t find anybody so this mission back fired but they aren’t giving up yet . The  kids health are so bad for an average teen. The flower you can see is a flower that contains medial cigarette. The technical name for it is  Platycodon grandiflorus.The less the possibility of theft. The kids often plucked and nibbled bloomed flower buds and ate poppy seeds as a snack. If you’re wondering why you should care about this is because the flowers have cigarettes in them and  they could spread around the world and your kids and people around them could start drugs with the  flower and thinking that its cool so they will pick up on it  the part I don’t get is why  you would ever think of eating whats inside a flower. I think that they shouldnt let these  grow wild.  Since these are used for medical  reasons they should plant them in a garden or something. http://globalvoicesonline.org/2011/01/17/north-korea-drugs-rampant-even-among-teens/


The German Girl And The Jewish Boy! January 19, 2011

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The Book Thief is a really detailed book. It is really different because it has so many conflicts and they are mostly
about Lesel. I think the book will have many more conflicts but they will be with  somebody else.

Hans  has had a very bad  part in the book. When he  gave  the Jew bread he wished he hadn’t done that. He paid  for it by being whipped by the Nazi and  being embarrassed in front of everybody. He thought that he would have to go to the concentration camps, but instead he got called to be a Nazi. His job is to pick up dead body’s, which isn’t the greatest.

Lesel  has been in a lot of conflicts herself when she first  got their.  She wouldn’t take a bath for a long time and she fought and fought with rosa, until she finally went for a bath but before that she was screaming and yelling. The next time she would have lots of fights at school with a bunch of boys. They were her age she almost  killed on of them and the other she through to the ground. Lesel had a lot of conflicts she and the boys from the hitler youth. They had alot of fights because they threw her book in the lake .

 Liesel has had lots of new things in her life. when the first time she stole  a book she felt so guilty about it, but now she doesn’t because she has stolen so many books. She has had dreams about her brother and him dying on the train.  Seeing him being buried. Knowing that she couldn’t have done anything about it. When Lesel stole her first fruit and she feels bad.  She got caught and because she stole it she wanted the food but not that way.

I think the  book will take a unexcepted turn for  the good but possibly for the bad for some people. I think that Hans is going to have a good turn but somebody will not! Who do you think it  is?