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Things in common! September 22, 2011

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Hi my name is Cassie and we are doing this post about things we have in common with our class mates and with our class were working with in ontario.The people  that I have the most in common with would be twenty people and that would be having the same favorite site which would be face book.I don’t have anything really in common with a bunch of people but I do have the same favorite TV show as  Shelby, Kori, Alyssa, melimast and Cassidy which would be pretty little liars.Something I have in common with a few people would have to be my favourite food  the people I have this  in common with is, Chantal , Riley,  Mr. fisher. I’m the only person that wants to be a comedian . The person I am  most alike  with  from the other  school would be Cassidy  because we both watch pretty little liars we both like Facebook and we have the same name. I learned a lot  about wingham from last year and this year so I don’t see that I need to know more.


About me! September 13, 2011

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My name is Cassie I  live in Manitoba my favourite activity here to do is skidoing  and quading . My favourite book is hush,hush it a pretty intense book. I play volley ball I like to play basket ball and soccer.My favourite colours would have to be blue and purple and yellow. My favourite artist’s would have to be Nicki manaj ,mac miller  and eminem my favourite  songs would have to be where dem girls at and super man and  donald trump . My favourite tv shows would have to be pretty little liars , teen mom, keeping up with the kardashians, big brother and south of nowhere my life wouldn’t be complete if these shows werent invented . I love walking around and not being stuck inside I love hanging out at the beach in the summer getting a tan. I love visiting Newfoundland in the summer its pretty fun their just being with the family.My favourite part would have to be driving the quad because it’s really funny when you get stuck.